Yarn Wall Hanging – free pattern

Here’s a simple way to use leftover yarn to make a beautiful wall hanging.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging


Yarn – odds and ends of Knitca Woolly Warmth yarn in different colours.

Notions – two wooden sticks 30-40 cm / 12-16″ long, two pieces of fishing line or thin thread.


1. Find two wooden sticks in a park or your own backyard. Sand them to preserve the natural colour or paint them in any colour you like (we used white)

2. Sort yarn odds and ends by colour and arrange them into two groups. In our wall hanging we used Woolly Warmth yarn in shades of red and green.

3. Cut yarn of one group in pieces that are about 1 m / 1.1 yds long, and yarn of the other group in pieces that are about 60 cm / 24″ long. 

4. Attach the longer strands to one of the sticks in a random colour sequence. Use the Larkshead Knot that is commonly used in macrame. 

5. Hang this stick on a wall, flatten the yarn and trim all strands at the bottom. We used two pins to support the stick on the wall. 

6. Attach the shorter strands of yarn to the right side of the other wooden stick.

7. Make two loops with a fishing line or thin thread to attach the ends of the second stick to the ends of the first stick.

8. Trim the bottom of the strands on the second stick. We followed the natural curve of the stick and trimmed the ends in a triangular shape.

Now you have a unique wall hanging!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging