Santa Boot Cuffs Video Course

When you put these boot cuffs on, your boots will instantly get a textured wintery look. Besides, the cuffs will create an extra layer of warmth to protect your feet from getting cold.

With this video course you’ll see every stitch up-close, in vivid color and high-definition video. The course is created with an absolute beginner knitter in mind (and that is someone who’s never ever knit before), and is packed with useful tips on how to avoid mistakes, how to fix them if they happen, and how to make your knitting experience most pleasant and fun. All instructions are clear, slow and repeated several times.

Feel free to pause, rewind and fast forward the video any time.

You will learn how to cast on, knit and purl both in left-handed and right-handed way, bind off stitches, make a seam and weave in ends. You don’t need to have any prior knitting experience to work on this project. Santa Boot Cuffs make a perfect first project to help you learn the basics of knitting.

Happy knitting!