Lace Stitch Pattern

Nice and easy pattern for a summer cardi, sweater or blouse. Because the pattern is reversible (see photos of right and wrong sides below) it might also make a pretty shawl or scarf.

Right Side of the Work
Wrong Side of the Work

Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches and work right side rows according to the chart below.

In every wrong side row work stitches as they appear.

Repeat rows 1 to 4 as necessary for completing your project.

Note: the chart depicts stitches in right side rows from right to left (that is, your first stitch in right side row will be the first stitch on the right of the chart), and stitches in wrong side rows from left to right (that is, your first stitch in wrong side row will be the first stitch on the left of the chart). To make this concept easier, the number of each row is shown at the beginning of the row (number 1 is on the right side of the chart and number 2 is on the left side).