Crochet Hearts Bookmark – free pattern

If you are looking for a super quick gift for someone who appreciates a good read, make a bunch of crochet hearts bookmarks in different colours of Knitca Cotton yarn.


Yarn – odds and ends of Knitca Cotton yarn in different colours.

Crochet hook – any hook in size 3 mm. Use a bigger size of the hook if you want the hearts to be bigger.

Notionswool needle.


1. Chain 4.

2. Make 3 trebles into 4th chain from the hook.

3. Make 3 double crochets into same space (the 4th chain you used in step 2).

4. Chain 1, make 1 treble into same space, chain 1.

5. Make 3 double crochets into same space.

6. Make 3 trebles into same space.

7. Chain 3.

8. Make a slip stitch into same space to finish off the first heart.

9. Chain 60 for the length of the bookmark.

10. Repeat steps 1 – 7 to make a heart at the other end of the bookmark.

Cut the yarn, thread the tail through the last stitch, pull tight and secure. Weave in ends.

When you read a book, wrap the bookmark around your wrist or fingers to make sure you won’t search for it when you are ready to close the book.